This webpage contains links to view and download all project documents related to the draft Master Plan, the public process, and each meeting held for the project. On the left is a link to the Planning Commission Meeting page, where all Master Plan discussion notes can be downloaded from Planning Commission Meetings.


The full Draft Master Plan is available for review. This draft also includes the results of the Community Planning Survey and public input received at the public meetings.

Please click here to view and/or download the full Draft Plan.

Individual chapters can be accessed by clicking the below links:

The Cleveland Township Planning Commission is happy to receive comments on this draft. Please submit comments to the Cleveland Township Planning Commission on the online comment page, emailing, in writing to the Cleveland Township Planning Commission, or by attending one of our upcoming meetings!

Background Documents

The development of a community Master Plan involves extensive reading of local and regional plans. Below are links to view and download a number of plans and documents relevant to the Cleveland Township Master Plan project.

County Documents

Cleveland Township Documents

Other Plans and Documents